UVa AIML Seminar
The AI and Machine Learning Seminar @ UVa


Stephanie Schoch & Hannah Chen
Department of Computer Science, University of Virginia

Time: 2023-11-15, 12:00 - 13:00 ET
Location: Rice 540 and Zoom



Stephanie is a Computer Science PhD candidate at the University of Virginia advised by Dr. Yangfeng Ji in the Information and Language Processing (ILP) Lab. Her research interests lie in data quality analysis and selection, with a particular interest in natural language data.

Hannah is a Computer Science PhD candidate at University of Virginia. I am advised by Prof. David Evans and Prof. Yangfeng Ji. Her research primarily focuses on auditing NLP models. She has worked on adversarial NLP and privacy attacks on NLP models in the past. She is currently working on bias/fairness assessment for NLP models.